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About Dr. Soh

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Isabelle Soh MD, MPH

Dr Isabelle Soh, MD is one of the leading primary care physicians in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area. Since finishing her residency through the UC Davis Family Medicine Network in 2015, Dr Soh has been practicing at Cedars Sinai which is one of the top hospitals and health systems in the United States.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Dr Soh is fondly known as a modern day Doogie Howser. She was accelerated 2 years during primary school and graduated high school at the age of 16 with numerous accolades including getting first place and the highest score in biology, and being awarded a prize from the Australian government for being amongst the top 1000 students in the country. She then went straight to medical school at the tender age of 16 and completed a 6 year undergraduate program at the prestigious University of New South Wales.

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Dr. Isabelle Soh Photo

Holistic Care and Wellness

Dr Soh combines her keen intellect with a deep love and care for her patients. She strives to make a true connection and establish an ongoing therapeutic relationship focused on helping each and every patient achieve the best health that they can. Preventive care is so vital to maintaining health and to catching any potential issues at an early stage. She also makes herself readily available via online patient messaging and telehealth visits to meet patients where they are and improve access and convenience.

She also teaches internal medicine residents at Cedars Sinai and is a Clinical Assistant Professor. Her focus is on women’s health, how to leverage telemedicine and also how to prepare to practice after residency. She weaves in pearls about operations, billing and working with different health plans into her clinical teaching.

Dr Soh has a passion for public health, health policy and improving the healthcare system which lead to her completing her Masters of Public Health at UCLA in 2020. Her excellent performance throughout this degree resulted in Dr Soh’s induction into Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society, which is the national academic honor society for students in health administration. She is a young and upcoming healthcare leader and is very actively involved in healthcare operations, committees and is also on the Board of Directors for Cedars Sinai Medical Group.

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Affiliations & Certifications

Professional Affiliations

  • American Board Of Family Medicine
  • American Medical Association
  • American Academy Of Family Physicians
  • Australian Medical Association
  • American College Of Physicians
  • Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners

Licensure / certifications

  • Abfm Board Certified
  • California Medical License
  • Dea
  • Ecfmg Certified With Usmle Step 1, 2cs, 2ck And 3
  • Acs Certified-american Heart Association